Dr. Victor Wei
Dr. Victor Wei MD
Date of Hire: Mon, 2000-07-31
Education / Degrees: McGill Unversity – B.Sc. Math & Biology 1981-1985, Medical College of Virginia Medical School 1985-1989, Medical College of Virginia Psychiatry Residency 1989-1992, Medical College of Virginia Child Psychiatry Fellowship 1992-1994
Professional Experience: Inpatient St. Rita’s Medical Center; child, adolescent, adult & consult work in psychiatry, Medical Director Partial Hospitalization Program – St. Rita’s Hospital – child, adolescent & adult, Private Practice – Applied Psychological Services, Adult Community Mental Health Work at Tri-Star Community Counseling, Child, adolescent community mental health work at Family Resource Center
Interesting Facts:

Enjoys family, racquet sports, music and chess

What do you like about working with children, adolescents & families:

The opportunity to help children and families reach their potential in communication, harmony and happiness.